Twitter’s Beginnings

I you haven’t already seen this, Jack Dorsey has been tweeting about his experience starting Twitter at Odeo. Read the TechCrunch article about it here. The funny thing is reading Jack’s conversation with co-founder Biz Stone about the new site:

me: Biz! How goes?  We’re starting work on the twttr implementation today.
Biz: really?! NICE
me: yeah, i roped florian in.  i think we’ll be able to get most of it up and working by the end of this week.  then i’ll do the sms and style side next week. along with ajax stuff.
Biz: two weeks and we’ll have twttr. yay!
me: yeah!  should be pretty quick.  have all of florian’s time and all of mine.
Biz: oh man that’s awesome
Biz: i’ve looking longingly at my empty sms on my phone throuhout the panels
Biz: sucks that teen people has the shortcode
me: i know!  that’s going to be tough.  doesn’t help that the code also spells TXT
Biz: hmm

What I like about this is that these aren’t two tycoons of industry talking in highfalutin terms about markets, sectors and capitalization. It’s just a few guys trying to create something cool. And that’s what makes the whole web culture so awesome. You don’t have to have an MBA to be great, you just have to have a cool idea and enough perserverence to see it to completion.

14 Mar 2011, 6:47am | 1 comment


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