Hi, I'm Dan Shipper and I’m thinking things through.

I’m an entrepreneur and writer living in New York City. Right now, I'm figuring out what's next and working on an illustrated novella about entrepreneurship called How To Make Recess Last Forever.

About me...

In college I started a company called Firefly with some friends. In 2014 we sold it to Pega (NASDQA:PEGA). Before selling, we bootstrapped it to nearly $500,000 ARR with only two people - for most of this I was still in school. I flew from my graduation ceremony to Boston to finish signing the deal.

At Pega I built a 10 person team, and brought Firefly to some of the largest financial services and insurance companies in the world. I was the principal on the Firefly product, and was responsible for running product management, engineering, marketing strategy, sales training to Pega’s 300-person salesforce, and customer demos.


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