Why I’m doing it all wrong

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Conventional wisdom for doing a startup as a young entrepreneur these days is something like the following:

1.Drop out of school

2.Raise money

A year ago that’s the route that I wanted to pursue. Freshman year of college I interviewed at Y Combinator with two of my close friends: Wesley who went to Penn with me, and Ajay his best friend from childhood.  Continue Reading

20 Jun 2012, 7:27pm | 28 comments

Showing up is not enough

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There’s a Woody Allen quote that goes: “ninety percent of success is just showing up.” Despite the title of this blog post my experience learning about and talking to successful people leads me to agree with him. But it does raise the question: what about the other 10%?

I think that the other 10% of success largely depends on what you’re showing up for. Continue Reading

9 Jun 2012, 11:19pm | 15 comments


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