Difference between doing it first and doing it right.

Just read this article by a site called Marketaire. It’s always very humbling and exciting to be written about in any way, but something in this article really caught my attention. They said:

Mashups like this aren’t particularly new, however there’s a difference between getting there first and doing it right. 

Quotes like that are gratifying on a personal level. It’s awesome when people look at the hard work you’ve put into something and validate it. But I think there’s something more to this quote. I think it’s true. Getting there first gives you a leg up. But if you build your product right, or build your business right you it’s possible to beat the guy that got there first.

Nike didn’t invent the shoe. But they do the shoe business right – all the way to the bank.

13 Mar 2011, 7:23am | 2 comments


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