Say Hello To Airtime for Email

I’m really excited to announce that the project I’ve been working on over the past 5 months is finally ready to see the light of day. A lot of awesome stuff has happened since that first commit: the product has pivoted, every bit of code has been written and rewritten multiple times, and I’m lucky enough to have brought on an amazing co-founder Patrick Leahy back in November.

With that said, I’m proud to introduce you to Airtime for Email. Airtime is a really great way for companies to showcase a standardized, centrally-controlled marketing message with every email their employees send. Our technology allows companies to insert a banner into the signature line of every email that they send that rotates between different products, tracks clicks, and tracks impressions.

A key feature of these banners is that they update retroactively on old emails. That means that even if a customer opens an old email they will always see your latest products. This is awesome because it means that you’ll never have an outdated message in your signature line ever again.

Probably the most powerful and exciting part of this whole thing is the amount of granularity and control we can give you over what banner is displayed in the emails you send out. We can tell if an email that you sent is opened in New York vs San Francisco, or on an iPhone vs a Mac vs a BlackBerry, or at 1 PM vs 2 PM. That means that you can have one marketing message for emails opened in New York on iPhones than you do for emails opened in San Francisco on BlackBerrys. The rules feature is available in basic form right now, and will be fully rolled out over the next 1-2 weeks.

We’ve been working on this for 5 months now, and I’d love to share with you some of the prelaunch statistics we’ve managed to rack up:

Prelaunch free users: 19

Prelaunch paying customers: 1

Total Impressions Served: 112,851

Click-Through Rate (CTR) on all banners: 0.45%

We log an impression every time someone composes an email, which means that around half of our impressions served are actually impressions served to the people sending the email out. If we adjust our impression count to remove those “false-positives” our CTR is 0.91%. 

That’s nearly 5 times higher than the average banner online. (source)

We’ve decided to send out an email documenting our progress every week on Sunday. If you’re interested in the project or what we’re up to make sure to sign up to get updates here:

Tonight is a happy night, but it’s also one of those times where I realize how fragile everything is. It’s only under a very special set of circumstances that I would ever be given the opportunity to do something as cool as this. I’ve been very lucky to always be surrounded by caring friends, family and a great community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Without you none of this is possible. 

Thanks guys. I love you.

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30 Jan 2012, 10:08am | 1 comment


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