How To Cross The Street

There’s something I notice about people who cross the street. Most people look at the crossing sign. If there’s an orange hand they stay on the sidewalk. When it turns white they start walking. 

But sometimes you notice someone who has gotten halfway across the street just as everyone else is leaving the sidewalk. He strides confidently ahead of the pack, not fearful of wayward cars or motorcycles.

He’s ahead of the pack because he pays attention to the right things. He wasn’t watching the sign that told him when it was safe to cross. He was watching the traffic light and the cars. As soon as it turned red and the cars starting slowing down he knew he could start walking.

And that is business success in a nutshell.

21 Jan 2012, 6:00pm | 7 comments

  • Carol W

    And sometimes you are overly confident and your body gets slammed into by a 16-wheeler or a drugged out cab driver and then your decaying body is left in the middle of the road.

  • MaxWendkos

    You just proved Dan’s point.

  • beyroutey

    a similar situation that also applies to success:your group is about to leave from dinner, and you’re closest to the door. you turn toward it and start heading out. do you turn around to check that everyone’s following you? or do you just walk through the door?

  • Anonymous Coward

    It’s also illegal.

  • Dan Shipper

    Love the comment Jesse! And I guess it is illegal, but the point of the blog post isn’t that you have to do illegal things to get ahead, it’s that paying attention to the right things is critical to getting ahead.

  • Ferid

    And if something is illegal, than its not right. you need to pay attention to something both right and legal.

  • Adam

    Slightly off topic, but just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it’s “not right”. There are plenty of laws I disagree with.Having said that, as a business towing the line is probably sensible 😉


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