My New Side-Project: DomainPolish


In the midst of all of the other stuff going on TechStars, my internship at Artsicle and a few other things many of which I will be blogging about in the near future, I just managed to finish a little side-project of mine called DomainPolish. The basic question that DomainPolish attempts to answer is: why doesn’t everyone have their own domain name, personal website, and custom email address? Domain names and hosting are so cheap now, and they add so much to your personal brand and online identity that I see no reason why everyone shouldn’t have them.

That’s why I created DomainPolish. You sign up, pick a domain name and then I go out and register it, set up email on it, and then you get a simple form to fill out (that you can change at any time) where you put in your name, a bio, a profile picture and optionally a resume, Twitter account, and LinkedIn account and that becomes your personal profile on whatever domain name you choose. It’s a simple easy way to set up a professional web presence and own our own internet home.

I hope you like it.

20 Jun 2011, 4:36am | 4 comments

  • Ajay Mehta

    Sweet! Go Dan!

  • Dan Shipper

    Thanks my dude

  • Justin Dunham

    Love this idea! Another advantage of having your own domain name is that you can have all emails sent to that domain delivered to one inbox. For example, when I signed up for the WSJ, I gave them the email wsj@mydomain. For Facebook, facebook@mydomain. Goes to my normal inbox with my other email, but I can block it easily if address gets to spammers, and don’t have to give out main mailbox address. Result: zero spam in my main mailbox, ever. Always thought it’d be a great idea for a service, wonder if you could integrate?

  • Dan Shipper

    Thanks, I think that's a great idea! I may be moving away from DomainPolish a little bit just because I couldn't really find a market fit for it. Most of the people who want custom domain names and email addresses know how to set it up for themselves, everyone else doesn't really see why they would need it. But I'll definitely keep that in the back of my mind if I end up coming back to it. Thanks for the comment 🙂


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