What I Read Over Break

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman – link

Death In Venice by Thomas Mann – link

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – link

I read Meditations and the Enchiridion after reading Letters from a Stoic last semester. I think the Stoic philosophy is absolutely fascinating and I think about my life in a completely different way than I did before. Although I think Letters from a Stoic is the best of the three, Meditations was still really valuable (although a little repetitive).

The Enchiridion by Epictetus – link

My Man Jeeves by PG Wodehouse – link

Hilarious stories about bumbling Englishman Bertie Wooster and his butler Jeeves (the inspiration for the Ask Jeeves search engine – remember that?) I think it’s a really good example of tight, funny, and witty writing although the style is a bit anachronistic and takes some getting used to.

The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine (still in the middle of it) – link

I starting reading this as a counter point to Reflections on the Revolution in France by Edmund Burke, the father of conservatism, and I can’t decide which I like better. Reflections is amazing because Burke basically predicted Napoleon’s rise in France after their revolution, and his writing style is awesome. However, I think Paine makes a lot of valid points. I’m reserving full judment until after I’ve finished it.

What did you read recently?


12 Jan 2012, 7:01pm | 5 comments

  • Ajay

    I got halfway through Hitch-22, finished Design of Everyday Things, indulged in a little guilty pleasure through inhaling James Franco’s “Palo Alto” short story collection, and now checking out this book “My Own Country” by Abraham Verghese. Next on the list is “The Corrections” (absolutely loved “Freedom”) and “Maximum City”, a book about my dad’s hometown of Bombay.

  • Dan Shipper

    Awesome stuff man! What did you think of Hitch-22? I didn't enjoy it as much as his other stuff. I forgot to add this to the list, but over break I actually read (on audiobook) his last book Arguably which is a collection of essays. It's really long but I loved it. I'm definitely trying to add some fiction to my list so maybe I'll read The Corrections. We should catch up soon!

  • Meng Weng Wong

    Have you read Christopher Alexander’s Design Patterns? If you haven’t, and if you want to resume the Startup Design Patterns project, I’ll buy you a copy.mengSEAS ’97

  • Dan Shipper

    I haven't! Thanks very much for the generous offer, I'd love to talk some time 🙂

  • http://www.dharagohil.com Dhara

    Currently I am reading two things:
    1) Congo – by Crichton
    2) Game of thrones – by Martin


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