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In the beginning of November I wrote a post about my goals for the month. They were:

1. Write one blog post every day in November.

2. Sign up 20 paying customers for my new project. This means I would be generating about $200 a month in revenue.

3. Bring one new team member aboard to work with me – preferably one that has a lot of coding experience.

So let’s see how I did. 

Write one blog post every day in November

I completely and utterly failed at this. I have no explanation for why or how, but I missed one day of posting and after that I just stopped writing altogether. I think it underscores how important it is to settle into a routine and set priorities every day. 

Sign up 20 paying customers.

Right now there are 10 customers using the service although most of them are using it for free. In the beginning of the month there were only a couple, so it was a pretty sizeable increase in people. Two days ago we passed 50,000 user interactions (basically user generated database records) with an average of one new user interaction with the site every minute. The graph on this is definitely up and to the right – and the product isn’t even public yet!

Bring one new team member aboard to work with me 

Accomplished this and the guy I’m working with now is one of the smartest, most talented entrepreneurs and programmers at Penn. I’m really happy about this and I think we’re going to do great work together.

So all in all not a bad month, but definitely not a resounding success. I also made $130 from DomainPolish this month, and managed to save $200 on my budget. 

Bring on December. And if you have a company that sends out a lot of email make sure to get in touch with me – my new project will help you make more money. 


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