The Daily Pennsylvanian

Check out Wesley and me in the Daily Pennsylvanian (our university’s newspaper):

The next Mark Zuckerberg may be walking Penn’s campus. Wharton freshman Wesley Zhao and College freshman Dan Shipper, along with New York University freshman Ajay Mehta, partnered to create — a website that maps the locations of a user’s Facebook friends.

Since the website’s launch on Feb. 21, it has attracted 30,000 users and has mapped over 3 million friends. In February, the site was featured on CNN and Mashable, a news website that covers social media and technology.

You can read the rest of the article here.

18 Mar 2011, 4:15pm | 1 comment

  • Washington Irving

    Dan, where have you been the past two weeks!?!? I truly enjoy your posts and miss the days when you would post more regularly. Especially since I recently broke my leg playing flag football (I at least scored on the play) and can’t do much except read, I really miss reading your posts. Surely something of interest has happened to you recently or you’ve had some inspiring thought recently that you’d like to share?Hope to hear from you soon,Irving Washington


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