Goal Setting and Time Management

I’ve found that a good way to get things done is to set daily goals, and schedule/track your time. Sebastian Marshall turned me on to this method, but mine is slightly different. Here’s a list of my goals for tonight (starting at around 1 AM):


So first I write out my goals and then I write out a proposed schedule for myself:


Then I start working and check things off as I go along. Try it out, it may help you. And don’t get discouraged if you don’t hit all of your goals, as you can see I only got about half. I find that I would rather have a less than 100% success rate. It keeps me hungry.

16 Mar 2011, 7:34am | 4 comments

  • Andre

    Do you use a program to track your schedule?

  • Dan Shipper

    Yes I use Evernote. 

  • Daniel

    I’ve evolved a similar system: I write three or four goals for the day at the top of that days section in my journal. Although I rarely get even that short list done, maybe I need to break up my tasks better.The idea of scheduling the task execution is interesting. I also use Evernote but for notes, I track my tasks in ‘Remember the Milk’.

  • Dan Shipper

    I’ve heard of Remember the Milk but have yet to try it out – maybe I should use that because Evernote isn’t really built as well for task management. If you’re not meeting any of your goals it’s definitely better to break them up into smaller more concrete pieces i.e. write 800 words instead of become a great author.


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