Be a Blogger Second

I’ve started a lot of blogs in my life. Let’s face it most of us have. I remember in middle and high school I would go through bursts where I would start a blog, and post to it each and every day. I would do this for a few weeks and then stop. Why? Because I didn’t have an audience.

Blogging sucks if no one reads what you write. It’s really kind of demoralizing. And the process of building up an audience from scratch is pretty daunting. There are so many people out there trying to do the same thing with blogging that the process of posting every day no matter what, building links, and creating a relationship with your audience is almost self-defeating.

If you are one of the people that have clawed and scratched your way to the top of the blogosphere from nothing, then more power to you.

But let’s face it that’s not the story for 99% of us. So how do you get people to read what you write without grinding out posts day after day after day, and slowly eeking out a small readership after a year of being sucked dry by your keyboard?

Be a blogger second.

How many thousands of people read what Paul Graham writes every time he publishes a post? Did he post every single day for 10 years to get that kind of readership? Hell no.

Paul Graham is a blogger second. He builds businesses, software, and entrepreneurs. And he is excellent at it. That’s why people read what he writes.

Do something sweet, something awesome, something original. Bring something new to the table. Refine, specialize and enhance your skills. Once you have  done those things, experienced success in your projects, in your business, in your life that’s when it’s time to share it with others. It’s at that point that you can start writing a blog and build an instant readership.

If you have the time and dedication to be a blogger first I am impressed. But if you don’t, there’s still hope. Just pursue your passion and the rest will fall into place.

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