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I’m a junior at the University of Pennsylvania and I’m interested in software, entrepreneurship and philosophy.

I’ve been programming for 10 years and during that time I’ve started a number of companies and apps including:

2012: Firefly ( and Airtime for Email (

2011: DomainPolish – a little app I built in a few days to review websites that’s grossed a few thousand dollars to date. Read about it here:

ReadStream – Helps you read your Twitter stream faster. Featured on TechCrunch

WhereMyFriends.Be – A simple viral web app to show all of your Facebook friends on a Map. Featured on Mashable and on CNN and it’s been a wild ride. Over 40,000 signups since launch.

2007-2010: Convenience Software – I programmed and sold apps for BlackBerry and iPhone including the first BlackBerry anti-theft program called FindIt.

I also write about SaaS startups and customer service for the Firefly blog at and about cobrowsing on

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