Grim Tweeper – The easy way to clean out your follow list

So a few nights ago we released the Grim Tweeper as the easy way to clean out your twitter follow list. The basic concept is that we follow too many people on Twitter that really don’t have that much relevance to us. The Grim Tweeper let’s you quickly and easily get rid of them. It also has a pretty fun interface if I do say so myself.

We got some pretty good traction the first day, but since then our traffic has died out to a good degree. I think this goes to show that for a product like this to succeed (a small one-time app) it has to be seen by the right person. Sure every once in a while a very simple one-time use app will have such a great viral loop that it can organically grow itself out of obscurity. But in order for something like this to get popular it has to get mentioned by a big site. We submitted to a few big places, but we’re still waiting.

The best thing about it is it only took us two days to do. So if it doesn’t get popular soon we can just get on to the next one. 

7 Apr 2011, 8:13am | leave a comment


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