The “now” syndrome

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The news that Twitter is taking further steps to push 3rd party developers off their platform is sending a clear message: we need to make money now. Lots of it. Millions are not enough, billions of dollars is the only thing worth our time. And so in their effort to make billions now, Twitter is slashing and burning the same 3rd party developers that helped to make it the behemoth it is today. To me, in their effort to make billions now it seems they’re risking ending up with nothing later.

This is not to say that crippling their API will ensure their downfall. Twitter’s value extends far beyond just their developer community. But at the very least somewhere in the recesses of HQ the audacious Mr. Caldwell is licking his chops. Continue Reading

17 Aug 2012, 3:56am | 2 comments

B2B is unsexy, and I know it

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When I tell people I do B2B software I get some very interesting reactions.

“Why do B2B? It’s so unsexy.”

And that’s true. B2B is unsexy in that I don’t build things that my college friends want to use. But that doesn’t mean it’s unsatisfying, or somehow inherently less valuable than a social/consumer product. In fact, I’d argue that the opposite is true. Spending every day making someone’s life easier is awesome. Especially when that someone actually wants to pay you for it.  Continue Reading

3 Aug 2012, 7:57pm | 16 comments


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