19 things that should be fixed

I don’t normally do list posts, but I thought this might be a fun departure from my usual 2,000 words. Maybe you’ll find your next startup idea in here. Feel free to add your own to the comments section.

1. When they bring you bread and butter and the butter is too hard to spread

2. When I call in to a customer support line for the 10th time they still have no idea who I am or what my account number is

3. If I’m disconnected from a customer support call I have to go back through the phone chain again and start over

4. If I’m looking at an ad it doesn’t have a box at the bottom that says “Is this relevant to you?”

5. Chrome opens up a new process every time I open a new tab

6. I forget 99% of the things I read

7. My weather app can’t tell that I’m going on a trip soon and show me the weather in the place I’m packing for automatically

8. It takes 4 emails back and forth to schedule a coffee meeting with someone

9. When light switches aren’t backlit so you can’t see them when it’s dark

10. When they don’t put light switches on the left side of the door so that you can easily turn them on as you walk into a dark room

11. When doors have “pull” handles and are actually “push”

12. Window latches that don’t tell you what state they’re in

13. When I’m on a train and four people have MiFi’s and I can’t pay to use one of them

14. When buildings have great comfortable seating areas for people to do work in but have forgotten to put power outlets near them

15. When a sign in form says “username” but I actually signed up with my email

16. When a sign in form says “email” but I actually signed up with a username

17. When a video player crashes before it starts playing, I refresh my page, and am subjected to the same ad I just watched

18. When a bus has wifi but it doesn’t actually work so I end up wasting 10 minutes vainly turning WiFi on and off, reconnecting, and then refreshing the page

19. When I have no more clean socks

22 Apr 2013, 2:06pm | 24 comments


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